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It is very normal when we are young, to dream of things that we want to be and do when we grow up. Most young children and teens dream of becoming a sportsperson or act in movies or some such dream. It is only rarely that someone dreams of working in an office or doing something monotonously for years to come. Initially, there is a lot of encouragement from parents, teachers,and everyone around. As the children grow there is the pressure of studies which starts to get more and more intense. Apart from the exceptionally talented children the rest slowly fall back into the usual studies routine.

The biggest fear which plays on parents’ mind is financial security. As it is the career of a sportsperson is limited to a few active years. If you make it to the top of any field, it is great and most of the top sportspeople are able to get good financial deals which can sustain them even after their sporting careers are over. The problem is the ratio of successful sportspersons to unsuccessful sportspersons. It is a very steep pyramid and only a few get to climb the peak.  The ones who reach the top are the ones that become the role models for the next generation of players. People don’t come to know about the many players who could not reach the top.

When young children are playing any sport it is mostly for fun and exercise. We soon realize that it takes a combination of talent, hard work, money, dedication and passion. Even after all this, there is no surety of success. It takes a kind of fearlessness which helps you achieve your goals. Some parents are financially solid and can provide a lot of support financially. This is a big help especially in sports which require costly equipment and training. Very often we come across people who were good at a certain sport but had to leave it because of financial problems. Some are unlucky and get injured and are not able to pursue their dreams.

One thing which can help young people is to find alternate sources of income. This can help them to continue playing and trying to reach their goals without worrying about finances. Online trading is a very lucrative possibility. A lot of people have already made a lot of money on sites like Bitcoin Loophole. It does not require you to be continuously present and you can give time to your passion. This online trading platform is fully automated and you just need to monitor it. It allows you complete freedom to use it the way you want to. So continue to follow your passion without worrying about money.

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Yahoo Store Development

Yahoo Store Development

Yahoo! is one of the most prominently preferred platforms in the eCommerce industry. Being one of the most popular ecommerce, Yahoo Store Development can help to create attractive and eye catchy online shops. It provides greater visibility and more online traffic for your products and services through Yahoo Store Customization.

Crispy Codes is a leading Yahoo Store Development company that can help you set up, design and develop your Yahoo store with ease. There’s no need to use ready-made templates for promoting your business. Our professional Yahoo Store designers & developers can create and maintain your yahoo store with ease.pport for migrating to Yahoo store from current ecommerce store

  • Store Management& Maintenance

Why Crispy Codes?

  • Affordable Yahoo! Store Solutions
  • Custom Designs as per your business needs
  • Safe and secured development
  • Using Client Focused Technology
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Professional support along with technical competence

Our Yahoo Store developers have years of expertise in the realm of Yahoo Store website development and guarantee on-time delivery and paramount contentment.


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Design & develop Soalire CMS system with multi-lingual functionality (i.e. French and English) in Joomla frame

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Get end-to-end WordPress web development solutions, using our strong technical capability and proactive engagement models!

Crispy Codes is one of the leading WordPress Development Company with strong proficiency in creating customized WordPress website and blogging solutions.

We provide end-users an intuitive web experience allowing you to meet your specific web development goals, right within your budget.

We specialize in WordPress development for scalable and secure web sites, blogs, and e-commerce stores.

At Crispy Codes, our WordPress experts provide sophisticated, feature-rich yet simple solutions to help you optimize productivity and deliverance efficiency.

Web Solutions for all your WORenance

  • PSD to WordPress Conversion

Theme / Plugin Development

  • W3C Compliance Code
  • 100% Compatible with Latest version of WP
  • Complete Transformation with WordPress
  • Dynamic SIdebars & Widgets
  • Dynamic Home page Management
  • New Plugin Development for Scratch
  • Update Existing plugin as requirements
  • Interactive Plugins using AJAX / JQuery

Let us Design and Develop a Compelling Experience that sets your Business needs.

We’ll Build you a Custom Tailored WordPress Site fitted for Your Business.



WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is an Open Source, powerful, extendable eCommerce plug-in providing eCommerce solutions to small and medium scale online retailers with powerful yet easy to use features and intuitive interface.

At Crispy Codes, we have perfected the art of creating engaging, intuitive and highly profitable ecommerce solutions. We put this knowledge to good use for creating powerful WooCommerce based websites, that come packed with features that will set the cash registers jingling for your ecommerce business.

Having years of experience with WooCommerce, we can provide you custom solution that makes an eCommerce storefront stand out from your competitors.Our skilled WooCommerce developers and programmers are fully equipped to provide powerful, enterprise level and scalable features to address all your e-commerce needs.ooCommerce Mobile Website Development

PSD to WooCommerce

WooCommerce Maintenance and Support Services

Why Crispy Codes?

Affordable WooCommerce Development and Store Design

Expertise to develop many eCommerce stores of different industry verticals

WooCommerce solution through Experienced Staff

Integration of tools with ERP system and payment gateways

A solid reputation for delivering projects successfully in time and within budget

Our WooCommerce developers have years of expertise in the realm of WooCommerce website development and guarantee on-time delivery and paramount contentment.


Case Study

Design & develop Soalire CMS system with multi-lingual functionality (i.e. French and English) in Joomla framework.

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Website Design and Development Services

Website Design and Development Services

Crispy Codes is one of the leading website design and development firms in India specializing in result-oriented websites, delivering optimum ROI.

We are a dedicated offshore web development agency helping you to optimize your business value by creating a strong online presence.

From conception and strategizing and from designing to implementation, Crispy Codes has created high-performing websites catering to unique requirements of large corporation and SMBs.

Our skilled web designers and developers can tackle website projects ranging from brochure sites to multi-functional web portals.

Crispy Codes, with its huge pool of resources and technical expertise have developed complex and large-scale websites. Applying latest technologies and industry proven methodology, we also deliver comprehensive front-end and back-end development solutions.

Partner with us to Build Something Great!

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& Support

With our in-house team of professional website developers, we ensure the three most important attributes – usability, functionality and visualization are maintained. Using this strategy, we make sure that your messaging and marketing goals are achieved.

With our thoroughly developed and streamlined engagement model, we focus on gathering your company’s information using our pre-development survey. By adhering to this practice, we’ve been able to develop a concept that meets both your expectations and marketing goals.


Web Capabilities

CMS Development

eCommerce Development

UX & UI Development


OpenSource Development

MVC Frameworks

Core PHP Development

.Net Development

Key Differentiators

Latest Industry Specified Prominent Web Solutions

Web Search Engine Optimized websites

Use of large-scoped, flexible and free open source platforms

W3C compliance, appeal and relevance

Hire Web Developer

Case Studies

Design & develop Soalire CMS system with multi-lingual functionality (i.e. French and English) in Joomla framework.

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Industries WE SERVE, Beginning of a NEW ERA


eCommerce Web Solutions

eCommerce Web Solutions

Online shoppers continue to expect more from their preferred online shopping websites in terms of functionality, convenience and security!

With robust ecommerce development services from Crispy Codes, we ensure an easy-to-navigate and use online shopping portals.

We, at Crispy Codes, one of the pioneered web development companies, offer efficacious and effectual ecommerce web design, plug-in & module development solutions for SMBs and large enterprises.

We offer customized ecommerce website development ensuring optimum security and empowering you to manage products, categories, vendors, shipping options, state sales tax, and provide business-critical reports on your website.

Boost your Business with eCommerce Endeavors

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Shopify Customization


Yahoo Store

Amazon Store

Big Commerce


Open Cart



Designing and deploying portals for enterprise collaboration (intranet portals)

Shopping Cart Development

Payment Gateway Integrations

Plug-in & Module Development

Logistics and Shipping Integration

Multi-store Architecture

Vendor Product Placements

Custom checkout with assisted checkout and one-step checkout

ERP integration: NAV

Maintenance and Support

We understand eCommerce strategies that help businesses deliver a great online shopping experience and lead customers to complete orders.
Let our experts work for You!


Case Study

Design & develop Soalire CMS system with multi-lingual functionality (i.e. French and English) in Joomla framework.

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Oil & Gas


Software Development

Software Development

Stay a step ahead in this competitive world with our high-performance software development solutions!

At, Crispy Codes, we provide you intuitive and innovative software development services. With our broad spectrum of solutions ranging from simple software application to complex CRM software, we help you optimize your IT landscape and augment your business capabilities.

Applying industry best practices, and advanced frameworks, we build comprehensive software solutions that accelerates automation of your business processes.

We’are a Solution to all your Outsourcing Needs

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We are Experienced in

The world of modern software development is vast, with many competing technologies – and many supporting skills. Crispy Code’s advantage is that our skills are both deep and broad:


Software Solutions

C#, ASP.NET, ASP, Visual Basic, VB .NET, JavaScript, PHP, Soap, VB Script, AJAX, SSL, Silverlight, Drupal, HTML 5, etc.

Operating System

We work effortlessly on different OS like Windows Vista/XP/2010, Linux (and other versions of UNIX), Mas OS, Windows Mobile.

Database Systems

MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Apache, Web Servers, IIS, DB2, etc.


Software Development

We develop integrated and end-to-end business solutions using latest technologies, platforms, tools and frameworks.

Business Portals

We create B2B/B2C web applications for Intranet and extranet, along with document management systems for optimized IT workflow.

Mobile Applications

We aim at developing intuitive and user-friendly mobile applications for various platforms like iOs, Android, Windows, etc.

With global scenarios transforming radically; we have also evolved – we have adopted the current methodologies, frameworks and tools commercially viable deliverables.

Our team of expert software developers has efficiently delivered innovative and industry-specific solutions to various verticals like banking & finance, construction, automotive, healthcare, telecommunication, etc.

When You Need Software Developed We’re here to Help



Intuitive, scalable and qualitative software deliverables at competitive rates.

Bug-free codes and quality-tested software solutions.

Cross-browser and platform compatible software applications.

With intent focus on UX, we ensure user-friendly and easy-to-use applications.

We have successfully executed software development complex projects for various SMBs and large enterprises.




iPhone Application Development for Social Capital

Social Capital application helps you focus and direct the power of your Social Network toward achievement of your Goals. It is based on scholarly theories in the field of Social Science. Social Capital is a value (Capital) encapsulated within our relationships that we can draw upon to obtain real life benefits.

iPad Application Development for Lamp Audit

The project can be any of the facility like residence house, commercial office, factory, Hotel, Hospital etc. They wanted an application by which they can audit the overall energy consumption with the current lighting and then suggest them the cost effective solution which saves the energy and so the cost on the long term basis.

Tools: iOS 4.0, Microsoft .NET 3.5, Microsoft SQL Server

Android App Development

Developed Android based customized PTM application for managing the projects and their tasks of any kind.

Our Clients




"Next generation solutions & apps are delivered to clients for all leading mobile platforms."

Our mobile enthusiasts work creatively for challenging mobile development jobs.

Thus our solutions help customers to leverage untapped features & weighted capabilities to stand ahead in the crowd.

We cover appreciated platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone for brilliant apps development services.

Four Platforms One Place – Crispy Codes:


iOS platform, Mac OS all editions, iOS SDKs all forms, Objective C, APIs, C++, Java Script, OpenGL ES, Cocoa Touch, Appcelerator, Unity3D, Xcode, Interface Builder & all other tools


Android OS, Google Play, Open GL, Android SDK all editions, Java, ORMs and Databases and other tools including Android Emulator and Dalvik Debug Monitor server


BlackBerry OS, Java, Data Store, Java, BlackBerry tools, plugins, SQLitem Blackberry JDE and Blackberry Emulator

Windows Phone:

Windows OS, marketplace & Interface development, C# & .Net, LINQ & SQL, Visual Studio, XNA Game Studio and other tools

Our Services for Mobile Platforms include:

Mobile application development

iOS (iPhone & iPad) apps development

Android apps & software development

BlackBerry apps development

Windows application development

Custom applications in any genre for mobile

Migration, porting & optimization of mobile apps

Games & entertainment apps for mobile

Support, testing & designing solutions for mobile

Icons, widgets, themes & skins for mobile devices

Types of Solutions you can avail for Mobile Platforms:

We infuse specially build systems with high quality features and robust layers which assures spotless task accomplishment on desired mobile device. The solution can be developed as an Application, Software, Mobile website, Games, System or Custom model and Features.

Develop Mobile Apps in 40 Categories:

Technical Strength of Crispy Codes in Mobile areas includes:

Our teams cover these development tools in their learning abilities and have talents to offer productive apps / solutions. Solution users can witness seamless collaboration, better content availability & high security via their digital tasks. Our development fruitfully helps them to witness advanced & improved features, better connectivity & fast results through their mobile space.

Contact Mobile App Development Expert today to design and develop custom apps at lowest rates.