Go for CRM Integration with Sales Enablement App to Streamline your Business Operations…!!!

Go for CRM Integration with Sales Enablement App to Streamline your Business Operations…!!!

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: February 20th, 2015 | Posted in: Enterprise

Sales team happens to the backbone of any business, as is directly proportional to the profit! So, it is very important this process needs to be closely monitored. However, it is usually observed that there are vast disparities in the reps sell; normally stemming from the lack of adequate communication between the marketing and sales personnel regarding a new collateral. This gap is just a normal thing; which requires immediate attention and solution to ensure that it does not create serious problems.


There are numerous solutions to resolve this challenge, however; there is one which has proved to be the most effective one and certainly helps make a productive outcome.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management solutions – This coming-age business tool connects two vitally important areas. CRM integration with sales enablement app has been benefitting the organizations, by streamlining the sales process.

CRM integration has a multitude of benefits which not only streamlines the sales, but also makes links other department like marketing, IT, product development, training, administrative creating a more coordinated environment:

Here are some of the extended advantages that one gets by integrating sales enablement app with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution:

Augmented Productivity of the Sales Team

Connecting a sales enabled app for the CRM gives the sales operations a much deserved productivity injection in the arm. This robust combination enables an organized quote building, product sharing, ordering, and other related tasks with its automation. Any action the sales professional performs using the app, gets automatically tracked in CRM, therefore reducing any duplication, saving on to a lot of time and manpower

More Powerful Relations with the Customer

The sales reps can spend more time building up a robust rapport with their customers than desperately making an attempt to update their CRM profile. With such apps, any orders or sales materials sent gets immediately monitored. This gives the sales reps more time to spend with customers, apparently helping them to create strong partnerships and creating a robust customer base.

Brings Down the Cost

Placing wrong order or mismanagement in an invoice are some of the fatal mistakes that are difficult to correct and can prove to be costly, both in terms of money and reputation. Now, you can avoid these issues, by adopting a sales enablement app integrated to your CRM. This gives you right and quick information making your sales cycle more efficient and helps in closing the deals faster with its efficient process.

Excellent Team Communication

Just take a quick look at the sales process that leads to confusion, errors and that makes you spend those valuable hours in reporting the information. Using a sales enablement app with CRM incorporated in it certainly reduces those common errors and enhances the overall effectiveness of the team.

Quick updates of Lead Information

Numerous sales enabled apps empower you to insert customized fields or surveys to enhance and prioritize customers and prospects. You can prepare these tasks in the app and can be synced to your CRM in no time, giving sales reps an insight into leading opportunities.

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