Samsung Set To Launch ‘Gear VR’ Virtual Reality Headset By Year End



Samsung Set To Launch ‘Gear VR’ Virtual Reality Headset By Year End

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: July 10th, 2014 | Posted in: Industry News

Samsung is ready to take on Facebook and Sony with its ‘Gear VR’. The Smartphone giant will launch this gear alongside its Galaxy Note 4 in the last quarter of 2014. The concept of ‘Gear VR’ virtual reality headset, is similar to Google’s cardboard headset, and will be launched to compete with Facebook’s Oculus rift and Sony’s project Morpheus.


Users can slot in their Samsung smart phones to provide the ‘Gear VR’ with a display and sensors.

It also makes use of your phone’s gyroscope, accelometer and processing power to track head motion of the user.

The smart gadget can use rear facing camera sensors of your Smartphone and supply a video feed of the real outside world.

It also allows you i.e. the user, to control what you are viewing by the means of a touch pad.

Samsung has however, not yet revealed the device features and its price.

Developers have undertaken testing, for the prototypes of this virtual reality headset. Once tested and approved, the final product will be launched by the year end. The headset is said to have OLED screens and will connect with the next generation Samsung Galaxy handsets. According to reports, this proposed headset will run on Android, instead of the Tizen OS, that is used in Samsung’s smart watches. The headset can also be connected to mobile devices and tablets using wires, to deliver a seamless gaming experience.

Virtual reality has been around for years; however, it was not so closely infused into the everyday gadgetries. Google, Sony and Facebook are working on fairly similar concepts; however, it seems that Samsung is going to launch its Virtual Reality gadget first and steal the show.

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