Future of Technology – Wearable Technology

Future of Technology – Wearable Technology

Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: April 29th, 2014 | Posted in: Inside News

A few years back the world had no iPhone or Android devices, whereas now there is an entire industry operating on developing apps for iPhone and android.

World has witnessed a tremendous growth in technological advancements and hence it has become mandatory for all players to stay ahead. Wearables, the fastest growing and most exciting sector of technology, have opened gates to an era of innovation of technology/gadgets which was a dream few years back.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology or wearable gadgets are a kind of technology devices simple and clever, to complex and sophisticated, which we as customers or consumers can wear on our head, wrist or ankle – and are certain conversation starters too. These gadgets range from a heart rate monitor to a mapping device to smart clothing. The segments these wearable technologies encompass primarily are social media – healthcare and medical – fitness and wellness – infotainment – industrial and military services.

Future of Wearable Technology in Social Media

Experts believe that wearable technology industry is still in its early stages, with its recent inventions befitting the healthcare and fitness segment.  A lot of leading electronics innovators is diving into the wearable bout, with all their beliefs about what gadget and which segment would be the emerging point of this wearable technology.  All together we know for sure that wearable technology is no trend that it would fade away – it is here to stay very long.

If we are to assume that wearables too would follow the trends that other innovations have witnessed in recent years, it can be easily anticipated that these devices are going to enhance connectivity – improvise sense of location & surroundings – increased use of discrete functions involving use and input.

A lot of people were surveyed about their interest in wearing/using a wearable device, if it was from their trusted brand; and the results were quite amazing with the kind of variety the consumers or end users are looking forward to.  It is going to be a really tough task for all those innovators to suffice these needs.  Additionally; each innovator would be challenging the other with more advanced – user friendly & customer centric gadgets making it a healthy competition benefiting the customers.

Some farfetched predictions about the future of wearable technology & social media brands – digital utility and their audiences, is worth spending some time to read. Time and circumstances would say more about the accuracy of these events; but let’s see a few of them:

Wearables will make way for new social media platforms facilitating significant interactions, as current social media is limited to notifications

Micro interactions will be of prime focus on wearable devices including +1’s, favorites, stars, hearts and thumbs ups.

Content management to gain importance for social sharing on supporting devices as it will be used for reviewing – sharing & interactions.

Conditional & touchy content creation & circulation through a prompt to approve or disapprove pre-populated interactions that are highly touchy due to privacy concerns.

Voice recognition to become a great utility & go way beyond being a surplus feature creating an evolved wave of social media platforms and applications developed specifically for voice features.

Trendsetters including Intel – Google – Reebok – McLaren Technologies – Misfit Wearables, and a lot more visionaries and developers are trying to get ahead of others. End users are eager to set their hands on smart watches – wristbands – Google Glass and many more new wearable devices.  These wearable devices include anything and everything ranging from smart glasses to record videos and watches that answer your phone calls.  Wearables are far behind from smartphones – but evidently are using smart phones to grow at a fast pace over the next few years.

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