6 Mobile Shopping Apps which Changed the Concept of Online Shopping

6 Mobile Shopping Apps which Changed the Concept of Online Shopping

Posted by: Crispy Codes | Posted on: November 15th, 2014 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

Life has taken a dramatic turn of events with the advents of Smart technology! Earlier what looked like a scene from some sci-fi movie has now turned into reality – Thanks to some mind-blowing mobile applications that are ruling the technologically-charged world!

It has taken our lives to whole new level, changing the way we conduct our daily activities; so much so that something so simple like shopping has gone mobile in the age of technological enlightenment. There are some world changing shopping apps for mobile that have created flutter in the market. Here, we shall take a look at some these Mobile Shopping Apps that changed the concept of buying and selling.


Amazon Price Check

This amazing app offers you a platform to scan an item’s barcode and compare it with Amazon’s price for the same item. You can also feed the price data back into the online retailing king. Though, it had stirred quite a huge controversy upon its release, it nonetheless, has found a huge fan following among some online buyers.



Another fascinating app that will make your shopping experience ethereal is Poshmark. A breakthrough in the world of mobile app, it turns your closet into discount-fashion store. The application brings the limited-sale offers at your fingertips. You can buy and sell clothes and accessories without many difficulties as this app brings all the fashion-enthusiast ladies on one platform.



Following on the lines of Pinterest, Fancy allows you to post as well as browse those fancy and eye-pleasing objects. The only twist is that Fancy mobile app somewhere compels you to buy. And to give their customers an enchanting shopping experience; Fancy now collects boxes of delightful items for just $45/mo. subscription, making it simpler to get your favorite products with just a tap!


Square Wallet

A breakthrough app; this mobile app for shopping truly changed the way we shop! It not only provides an amazing white-plastic card reader but also facilitates you to make the payments simply by saying your name, after logging into any online store. With this application, a brand name has emerged which the consumers and merchants have been recognized are associating with the innovation in payments.


The conventional yard sale is now replaced with more advanced and interesting mobile app. This mind-blowing application replicates early community feel of eBay and Craigslist. It connects and brings local people together to exchange their goods in lieu of cash.It allows you to sell the now-unwanted products and earn some cash. You can use your mobile devices and social networks to give a boost to the person-to-person commerce.


Last, but not the least, this fantastic application provides an advanced payments gateway to the online shopper. With this app, you can go ahead with the ordering and picking your some cuisine from a restaurant.

This feature makes the application, as not application of such stature has been introduced in the market. It shows mobile payments can also provide a solution and credit cards are not just the answer to every problem.

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