7 Features That Will Get Your Website Labeled Mobile Friendly

7 Features That Will Get Your Website Labeled Mobile Friendly

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: December 9th, 2014 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

Everyone has a smart phone now, and websites are surfed on mobile phones more often than they are surfed on computers and laptops. These evolving demographics have made it mandatory for businesses to take their websites on mobile devices and make them such that they are easy to view and surf on these compact devices. However now there is one more reason ‘strong enough’ to make websites go mobile!


‘Labeled Mobile Friendly’ by Google

Google has confirmed that now it has brought some new tools on the block, to encourage webmasters to focus more on development of mobile friendly websites. The company has officially declared that these brand new mobile testing tools will certify your website and it will get ‘labeled mobile friendly’. Google also hinted that these websites will hence enjoy a boost in the rankings. The news has sent waves across the SEO industry, and suddenly as a positive turn of events, making a responsive website for a great mobile experience has become the priority ranking strategy for SEO professionals.

Well the rewards will ring in later, however as a part of making web surfing a better experience for users Google had already started penalizing websites that provided a bad mobile experience, back in June 2013. For sure companies who put in those extra efforts to pass the Google’s mobile friendly test will get a boost. So what does it take to pass this test? Is the ability to be viewed on a mobile called mobile friendly?

Clearly not! So what are the features of a website that is optimized for mobile? Here we have listed a few.

Make your website load faster. A mobile user gets bored if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Optimize images for mobile devices and strip down media content. Replacing the bulky JavaScript with standalone JavaScript can also be game changing. Usually the internet speed on mobile devices is slow; hence dramatically reducing the loading time should be your priority. If your website loads faster, it will invariably improve the browsing experience for users.

Design a clean website and keep your content short and sweet. The mobile screens are smaller, and too many graphics, buttons and media files can be distracting and lot of content can be boring. Give users only the highlights and serve them only what is important and of interest. Besides a clean and simple website also loads faster.

Make it responsive. The screen size of various devices is different and a responsive website development enables website to fit according to the size of the display screen. So no matter what device the user has, surfing through your site will be an equally rich experience across all devices.

Lead your user and keep navigation easy. Remember that unlike a computer user, where navigation happens via mouse clicks, mobile websites are navigated by a swipe or a touch with a finger. Place your navigation controls where it is easy to reach when operating mobile with one hand. Let the thumb rule.

Use icons. Icons are bold, do not affect loading times and convey the meaning of worth a thousand words. Use icons to convey your message.

Serve it on a platter. If you want your users to fill in a form, call you or send a mail, keep these tabs or icons where the user can find them.

Use capabilities such as geolocation to your advantage. Businesses can let their users get directions and check information such as store location and in store availability at the nearby stores. Specifically a profitable proposition for retail outlets.

When your website is ready finally test it on different mobile devices, platforms and operating systems. Ensure that any user landing on your website via any device enjoys the best surfing experience. So go ahead, and get yourself a mobile friendly approval.

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