Android – Set to Beat Mobile OS Competition

Android – Set to Beat Mobile OS Competition

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: February 4th, 2016 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

To be in team Android or in team iOS, is the biggest dilemma faced by the modern-day mobile users! Often Android and Apple users are at loggerheads, trying hard to prove superiority of one OS over the other.

While there seems no end to this tug-of-war, both the operating systems have successfully carved a niche for themselves by displaying their unique characteristics. In fact, it would be safe to say that this fierce competition has resulted into a string of constant innovations. Android, in last couple of months, introduced some advanced features and versions, in order to create a mass appeal across the world. It is expected that Google, with these updates is targeting to the larger share of the pie!

A brief overview of the recent developments by Android:

Android Marshmallow

When finally Google rolled out Android Marshmallow in October 2015, it created quite a buzz among the app developers and users, alike. As it was expected, Android Marshmallow brought with it an array of advanced features that spruced up the smartphones.

It provides a robust tool that enables the developers to publish and update apps. Moreover, with some its unique features, even users are provided with more opportunities to decide which type of personal data they want to share with the app developers.

Android 2.0

Introduced in November 2015, Android 2.0 enables the developer to create an incremental code 50 times faster. This apparently allows the coder to save a fair amount of time. In this latest Android version, Google has added an emulator toolbar, which facilitate the new apps run easily. This is like a dream come true for those who anticipate less time to market for their apps.

With this second major update to the IDE, Google intends to deliver an experience that is equivalent to iOS. In fact, with this upgraded version, developers can test a faster Android emulator, along with Instant Run. The Instant Run feature is a new feature that allows developer to instantly view the results of any modifications made within the code. You can address the concerns of your end users, who voiced were loyal enough to voice it out to you.

GPU Profiler Tool

Apart from other features, Android 2.0 has a new and upgraded GPU profiler tool. GPU profiler tool enables a recording of the complete OpenGL sessions. Further, any changes that takes place can be viewed frame-by-frame. Needless to say, this becomes an excellent tool to track down performance issues. Moreover, this tool is extremely useful for developers who build graphic-intensive apps to satisfy their clients and the end users to their clients as well.

It is expected that there will be a tremendous surge in Android app development. With the release of these upgraded tools, it is widely believed that Google Android will become user-friendly. As per recent surveys, approximately 90 percent of software development firms are planning to place more focus on app development in the coming year. A considerable proportion of app users are already stating that apps are changing the way they conducted their business. Therefore, with introduction of the latest updates, along with flexibility and scalability of Android, Google aims at using Android for futuristic devices like smart TV and wearables.

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