Brace Your BYOD Tool chest – Don’t Fear it, Caution and Sufficient Security Measures Would Help

Brace Your BYOD Tool chest – Don’t Fear it, Caution and Sufficient Security Measures Would Help

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: February 3rd, 2015 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

The concept of BYOD or ‘Bring your Own Device’ has been quite popular across the business world; nonetheless, it has not gained the approval from all…!!!

Sounds odd, but that’s the reality! One can refer to my last article Mobile Devices Are the Weakest Link for Enterprise Mobility Solutions.


It has gained immense popularity, but hardly any acceptance from business owners and it seems the reason behind this non-acceptance is a fear – the fear of their data that might go vulnerable. This fear to a certain extent is not irrational; however, it certainly does not give a good reason why one should resist BYOD. All that businesses need to do is take good measures to ensure the network is robustly build, making it almost impenetrable.


There is a common notion that permitting the employees to get their personal devices to the workplace may create a sort of technological `chaos’ and IT department might go crazy, along with wasting their time and money, to integrate a huge collection of devices and making sure that all of them are fully protected.

In fact, a well-planned BYOD strategy is more about enabling the businesses to effortlessly extend the already existing enterprise security measures and bring all employees’ devices under single radar. And, when it comes to complete BYOD, IT departments not only require monitoring the devices which are being used to access the network, they also need to take care of robust security measures (not too stringent, though, it should not impact the end-user experience).

Don’t forget that intuitive user experience is the crucial thing for productivity.

BYOD increases the significance here as the device will always be with the employee (after all it belongs to them) ­ therefore, it is important that the performance of their personal services and apps is completely unaffected by the security measures. Lastly, there is a legal imperative that presides over any BYOD environment in the corporate world. In case, the business, accidentally accesses employees’ personal information, they also run the risk of getting meddled into the legalities. Security in the business environment is also very much about placing adequate controls to ensure that the employees’ privacy is also protected, since it also forms a part of enterprise data.


Undoubtedly, businesses can build customized applications to face these challenges; however there are several `out-of-the-box’ approaches which can be duly considered. One of the possibilities is of containerization, which enables all work applications to be enveloped and cannot be accessed from the personal space of the device. And, the businesses can have also complete control over what goes on within the confines of the corporate container, all the necessary security policies can be applied accordingly. Moreover, as work applications remain disconnected from personal applications, businesses need not get apprehensive about accidental access to the personal data.


The business world has evolved tremendously. IT is no longer the only caretaker of technology; employees use the devices and software they want. This could results into an immensely potential windfall for businesses which better be not overlooked. There is no better opinion than people work better on devices they understand and therefore it equates into greater productivity for the business.

BYOD can definitely prove to be a master-stroke, provided you have taken adequate steps to stop any kind of malpractices.

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Chirag Shivalker is one of the very few business writers with flair of social commentary through his technical writing. With A decade long experience in technology writing and trend analysis Chirag is an expert in technology and technological trends along with business writing. Technology in mind and words at will Chirag is an all-rounder who has established his writing capabilities’ in multiple technology disciplines.

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