Top Smartphone Apps/Games Category Trends

Top Smartphone Apps/Games Category Trends

Posted by: Crispy Codes | Posted on: November 18th, 2013 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

With the number of smart phone users growing exponentially, it has become increasingly important for businesses to target this segment and dish out their own mobile apps. Businesses definitely understand this, and hence the market is flooded with mobile applications for all sorts of requirements.

Every app targets a market segment. Some apps are an instant hit, some applications earn a huge market amongst the teens while there are some apps that are hugely used by businessmen and professionals.

According to a survey, different mobile apps for games, weather reports, social networking, maps, music, news, entertainment and banking are on the top of the popularity charts and have emerged as the most downloaded apps by smart phone users.

Top Downloaded Apps by categories as per top market research agency – Nielsen

Smartphone Games – 64%

Weather Apps – 60%

Social Networking – 56%

Maps – 51%

Music Apps – 44%

News Applications – 39%

Entertainment Apps – 34%

Banking – 32%

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