Highly Anticipated iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked!

Highly Anticipated iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked!

Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: September 5th, 2014 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

In a recent slip-up, a post on Amazon’s seller page, revealed the highly awaited iPhone 6 specifications. When spotted, the post was immediately removed; however, a host of details soon went viral.


In our last article about the 4.7” indestructible sapphire glass for iPhone 6, we already discussed how the new glass for the iPhone 6 is going to make this handset as sturdy as ever. Here we bring to you some more features of this new edition phone.

We already know that the iPhone 6 will carry a 4.7” display. However, the Amazon leak revealed that the phone will measure 130 x 65 x 7mm (5.11 x 2.56 x 0.275 inches). It is said to weigh 113g (3.985 oz). The phone is also supposed be available in a shimmery gold finish other than the regular black and white color handsets. It is rumored that the phone will have a 64GB memory, and will be sold at a price tag of 139,999 yen.

While, the chipset details for the iPhone6 are still unknown, apple will dub it as A8 in continuance to the A7 chipset in the iPhone 5. The number of cores the processor has, its clock speed and amount of RAM are some details that are still under the wraps.

Are These Specifications Too Good To Be True?

The increased screen size, rounded edges, a slimmer body, reduced bezel size and a side mounted power button, all these features make the latest iPhone design similar to the iPad mini. According to the leaked info on Amazon, the iPhone 6 is 10mm taller and 6.2mm wider than its predecessor is, while its weight remains unchanged. Now, if we go by the so-mentioned specifications, the phone will be extremely easy to handle.  Other small little detail that is doing rounds here is that there will be a 128GB version of the phone as well.

The iPhone5 comes with a price tag of $919.69, however the new iPhone is shockingly priced for 139,999 yen i.e. $1,377. Such huge leap in the pricing model was not seen in the previous updates from apple. The screen shot of the post on Amazon, shows two phones that are not proportional. So speculations are ripe that apple will release 2 versions of different sizes or maybe, these are images of the dummy units that will be tweaked for the final iPhone 6 design.

Amazon immediately removed the post after it went online. If we go by the secretive ways of apple, and how closely they guard the design details and specifications before any major release, it is hard to believe that such a slip-up can happen. Now, if this was really a leak, a marketing gimmick, or nothing more than baseless rumors, remains to be seen.

The internet is flowing with images, opinions, speculations, rumors and specifications about the latest phone from apple. A super slim build with an ultra thin battery, the indestructible sapphire glass screen and an excellent 13MP iSight shooter camera are touted to be the highlights of this latest release from apple. 19 September 2014 has been announced as the tentative release date for iPhone 6. So, all these apprehensions and speculations will finally be put to rest once the device actually hits the market.

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