How much does it cost to build an iPhone App?

How much does it cost to build an iPhone App?

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: June 6th, 2015 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

Empire state building or an apartment both of them are buildings? What do you want to create? Same is the case with Mobile apps as well.

iPhone apps can be built in a few days and some may take an entire year or so. One can develop mobile apps for you in as low as 3k USD, an average app at 20k USD, good to go feature rich app between 25k USD to 50k USD and an Enterprise App alike a mobile CRM may cost you above USD 50k.

But is it that easy to reach a conclusion about the cost, and only the cost matters – nothing else?

At the centre of conversation between iPhone App Developers and clients, the most important four letter word is “COST” and this process is no different at Crispy Codes. Our skilled mobile apps developers spend adequate time with decision makers for several startups – SMBs and enterprises, articulating their ideas into successful iPhone apps.

However; the most frequently asked and answered question in such forums is “How much does it cost to build an iPhone App”?

It is fine to ask questions; but you know that deriving a accurate cost is not possible. However; reaching a potential figure is not that difficult.


You should be sure of:

Business Requirements such as Target devices, OS versions and demography

Functional Requirements such as App features, USP feature, Server backed or static app

Level of QA you would want to have

Geography of development that you would want to opt for

You can get best of the mobile app in not more than 50K USD. But let me take it a step further and help you reach a figure as to How-much-does-it-cost-to-build-an-iPhone-app, in-house. We will break down the app design and development costs for better understanding.

To develop an iPhone app in-house:

2 developers at (120k/year) working full time

1 designer (120k/year) works full time, is well versed with user experience design, information architecture, and visual design.

Someone to manage the entire process – that could be you, but are you familiar with digital products, do code review and validate good user experience design? – If it’s a NO, then….1 Process Manager (120k/year) works full time.

Considering all these, your human resources cost is approx. 480/k annually. (Total of above 3 resources)

If App gets created in 3 months then Cost of app development USD 120K

If App that gets created in 6 months then Cost of app development USD 240K

This is the cost of having just the talent on board.

Be aware:

Development of any software is responsible for eating up 25% – 35% of the overall business budgets

Further money goes in promoting and marketing your product, future upgrades/ updates and support & maintenance.

It is tough to survive if you do not take your user’s idea/feedback into consideration and cater to it – to grow further. That also will incur you some cost.

Consider paying another 199 $US (Approx) annually to build/ test/ submit/ and sustain your product on the store – if you are putting your app/game on the iTunes store

These expenses do not include digital strategist and creative director, who are really crucial for successful apps.

So things are pretty clear now, “YOU” are the one who decides:

What kind of app/game you want to build?

What kind of market you want to target?

How much concerned you are regarding the quality/ stand-out capability of your App?

Upon deciding, you leave the Mobile app development to us, and focus on your core competencies that can help you increase the ROI – Return on Investment.

About the Author:

Chirag Shivalker is one of the very few business writers with flair of social commentary through his technical writing. With A decade long experience in technology writing and trend analysis Chirag is an expert in technology and technological trends along with business writing. Technology in mind and words at will Chirag is an all-rounder who has established his writing capabilities’ in multiple technology disciplines.

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