How Much Time it Takes To Create Mobile App?

How Much Time it Takes To Create Mobile App?

Posted by: Crispy Codes | Posted on: January 30th, 2014 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps, Will it Take Weeks, Months or Year to Design, Develop & Get Live at App Store ? Let’s Discuss ..

As a web consultant agency, we receive dozens of mails keep asking us the hot favorite question that how much time will it take to create mobile application? So today we are operating to answer same and offer to our readers to obtain a safer estimate.

Here we receive a differentiated app with 3 types as below

1st) Simple App – This form of apps has simple functionalities and doesn’t involve any internet, database connectivity or high graphical resolution. Max time to design this kind of apps are 2-3 months with perfect app store and submission.

2nd) Moderator Complexity Apps – This form of apps comes with the server as a back-end and has database connectivity which does all database operations and store the user’s information and has much panels compare to simple apps and more functionalities. Broadly speaking it takes 3-4 months to design, produce, test and present into the app shop.

3rd) Complex or Enterprise Level Apps – Personally, this kind of apps are favorite by every agency and developer as it brings challenges and provides all sorts of facilities which should be there in an app. It delivers all functionalities like high graphical resolution, flexibility to high speeding and high-level performance.Mostly it takes time to 6-12 months to live this app in the app store.

If you can see at infographic than we have also buzzed about things of consideration which should be incorporated into your app to have it get viral and add more functions in it.

So an app is all about DDS (Design-Develop-Submit) life cycle.

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