Mobile App Development; Avoid these silly Mistakes

Mobile App Development; Avoid these silly Mistakes

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: March 16th, 2015 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

I was just going through a recent research that portrayed that mobile users are spending a lot more than anticipated time on their hand held devices, or so called mobile devices. The interesting part is that over one million individual application sessions against more than 1500 users were assessed to reach a conclusion. So this brings about an end to the nail biting thought process of what kind of app to create. The chart below smartly depicts what apps people are using…


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There is always a first time – And usually, these ‘First-times’ are bumpy! Chances of an ‘error-free’ project are negligible; especially when you are building a mobile app for the very first time. Mobile Apps Development Services has gained a tremendous impetus in the past few years. This sudden rise has resulted into a lot of, but very mediocre, run-of-the-mill mobile apps. One may come across many companies and individuals who are super excited by the idea of developing an app; without actually realizing the actual significance of the same. And without any pre-planning or basic understanding of the mobile apps; they jump into it and end result – a disastrous application which is virtually of no use.

In my last article on Mobile app development – Mobile App Dev in 2015: 8 Key Changes – Micro Moments to Replace Isolated Apps, we looked at the trends for year 2015. However; I firmly believe that we should keep revisiting our roots quite often, the inception or the spot from where we started as a beginner, so that we do not lose track of what we started and where we desired to reach.

Few basic mistakes, which generally first-timers or beginners tend to make:

Apps Should Be Purposeful, Not Multipurpose

Most of the times, it is seen that the actual purpose of creating an app is lost, due to that dire desire to make it all-purpose.

First and foremost rule says – Don’t try to make it a multipurpose app; and the best way to do so is to create a rough guide.

Get on a white board to list down the basic features which you wish to see in your app – think over it again and again to understand whether you really require it & are they going to be really helpful.

Keep all the rewarding and purposeful features, while you ruthlessly delete all those bloats.

One Device – One Operating System; a Dead Concept

We all know that mobile devices are now available in a wide plethora of shapes and sizes; this has increased the need to have mobile applications that run efficiently across a wide range of devices.

Most often, companies commit a grave mistake of building their first mobile app keeping in mind just one operating system or platform. Most of them think that go slowly and jump in the waters while you test the depth of it; but unfortunately with passing time, this does not happen and you have to face brutal failure.

Majority of newbies tend to focus on single OS with high intensity, due to which lesser efforts go in on secondary platforms; apparently making the app very mediocre.

However; the only thing that can work in favor of these Mobile app developers is to concentrate on multi-device and multi-platform apps to stay strong and going in this competitive market.

Apps Without APIs is a Cardinal Sin

Application programming interfaces (APIs) happens to be one of the most critical part of Customized Enterprise Mobile Application Development.

It gives developers an unlimited, yet simplified access to the data and services required to create amazing apps. As a matter of fact, good mobile APIs is an extension of innovation.

They are more like the Lego blocks – The improved and varied the collection of blocks available provides a more improved and creative objects.

Test the Depth of Water; you have already plunged

Your app is finally ready and out – Even people like it immensely giving a pace to your move in the mobile world.

This movement provides valuable information such as user location, preferred device type, operating system and device orientation that are widely common. With this data at your disposal, you can use it to announce your next release.

These analytics, gives you an inside vision, helping you to improve continually with each subsequent release.

Niche segments including Life Style – News – Productivity – Sports – Weather and so on; are considered to be a broad range – but of smaller apps. Also no single mobile app development service provider directs the market and hence offering a wide spectrum of opportunities for you all to Hire Mobile Apps Developer from India. The ones who provide new and inspiring app concepts, backed with skills and robust infrastructure to yield results that you desire and deserve.

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