Top 9 Features of a Successful Android Application

Top 9 Features of a Successful Android Application

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: April 16th, 2015 | Posted in: Mobile App Development

Things have become so easy these days! – Thanks to the amazing technological gadgets; we can, now, just tap our smartphones and virtually do everything; right from booking tickets to paying our bills! And this ease-of-work would not be possible without mobile applications! There are hundreds of them, which helps us to perform several activities from the comfort of our home, office or while we are on a go!

In fact, mobile application development services have become a boon for entrepreneurs – Enterprise mobility would not have been a reality at least in near future.


Since, mobile market is flooded with a multitude of Android apps, giving an enormous range of choices – If you fail to deliver the best; forget about being number one; you will be thrown out of market, incurring huge losses.

Some of the features that global enterprises look for in a mobile app to get their enterprise mobility in place, increased productivity and not to forget ensure an unmatched user experience:

A well-placed Feedback System

Feedbacks are like a mirror – It shows the reflection of a brand; it shows how people (read clients) perceive you and evaluates your service offerings. This makes it mandatory for Android Mobile apps to have a feedback system in place.

This feature has been a favorite among many stakeholders; since it gives them the power to strongly present their opinions. Anyways, coming back to this feature; you can provide a link to an email or a button to give the feedback. Just remember, whichever way you choose, ensure that users have a quickest way to report bugs, and provide criticisms and suggestions.

Providing an option for feedback makes it a win-win approach, where users will appreciate the fact that you are open to receive their feedbacks; it shows your willingness to improve and give unparalleled experience – Plus this will help you to enhance your mobile solution.

Focus on Usability

You are developing the app to make things easy for your users – So, don’t focus on creating a jaw-dropping artistic masterpiece – you are not making an eye-candy. Simply focus on an interface that provides immense usability, makes the app more intuitive, open, and business-like.

And how will you do it – Simply follow the application hierarchy of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such applications. Users are very fond of beautiful designs but, simply love an app having amazing and easy-to-understand navigations!

The beauty lies in Simplicity

It becomes very tempting to create a ‘feature-rich’ app and that is absolutely fine, if the features are actually meant to serve its purpose. However, there are several such applications with a bunch of small and not-so-important features that kills the ultimate beauty (and usability) of your Android app.

The best way is, just stick to the basic things that users desire and develop them exactly on the same lines. Pay attention on improving its functionalities and avoid overloading it with unwanted features.

Offline Capabilities

It is not at all necessary that your mobile will receive excellent reception everywhere – In such situations, majority of apps stops working. And mind you, it is extremely frustrating and even annoying for users if they cannot use an app without Internet connection.

Therefore, focus on building apps with excellent ‘offline capabilities’; instead of creating an application with abundance of interactive elements or other content will more or less require amazing internet signals. When you provide usability on- and offline, it will boost up the overall positive image about the application in your end users’ mind.

Social Media Connectivity

Primary aim of your Android app should be to provide supreme UX; so ensure to provide an easy sign-in access. For example, you can give users, the option to login using their pre-existing Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts.  Of course, when you consider such solutions, be cautious about having simple provisions to recall passwords and login names.

Keep Relevancy

Irrelevancy is a killer – Make sure that the app content should be something that is an extension of your website. So, don’t get into developing mobile experiences which is a mere reflection of a web browser. It is completely useless, serving no purpose, whatsoever. Bottom line; just concentrate on presenting relevant information to ensure a new experience that surpasses the frames of your mobile website.

Incorporated Analytics

One of the major mechanisms of a perfectly built mobile app is an integrated analytical instrument. Such tools empower entrepreneurs to keep a track of users’ actions and categorize them. With such data, the developers can make additions and subtractions; promoting better updates and stronger features.

Make it Touch Sensitive

If you want guaranteed success for your application; just concentrate completely on ‘touch support’. Mobile app that needs a mouse or keyboard to function is a total miss out and adversely affects the mobility. An outstanding mobile app is the one with an ability to be intuitively usable without straining the users’ attention and this can be delivered by ‘touch support’.

Regular Updates

World is coming really fast and to keep up with it; one needs to be exceptionally quick in updating the existing versions. In fact, developing android applications that are easily updateable – is like half the job done! This is not just removing the bugs, but also to incorporating user feedbacks and upgraded functionality. Remember that updates should be feasible which can be implemented with ease.

Staggering amount of efforts go in building a properly, configured mobile application, equipped with ‘competitive’ weapons that gives your business a big advantage in the volatile market place and excessive ROI.

About the Author:

Chirag Shivalker is one of the very few business writers with flair of social commentary through his technical writing. With A decade long experience in technology writing and trend analysis Chirag is an expert in technology and technological trends along with business writing. Technology in mind and words at will Chirag is an all-rounder who has established his writing capabilities’ in multiple technology disciplines.

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