Indian Software Outsourcing Industry Growth

Indian Software Outsourcing Industry Growth

Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: May 12th, 2014 | Posted in: Software Development

Over the years, India has become an increasingly favored destination for customized software outsourcing. However, with several other countries following the Indian software outsourcing model, the competition is getting stiff. In this scenario, there are several speculations regarding the position of India as the best destination for outsourcing. While some experts feel that India will retain its position, some say it will evolve and grow as an outsourcing hub. There is also an extremely contradictory view of some experts who think that the country is losing its sheen as a software outsourcing destination.

However, the global spotlight still lies on India.  According to Nasscom, the Indian IT industry will see an incremental revenue growth of around 13-14 billon     in 2014 -15. According to a survey, nearly 78% clients are confident and willing to invest more on outsourcing technology projects to India in 2014. Also, software exports in 2014-2015, are predicted to increase up to $99 billion on increased spending by clients like Citigroup and General Electric.

Changing landscapes and evolution of Indian Software development outsourcing service providers

As we speculate and predict the future of customized software development in the country, it is very necessary to understand that all the small and big firms in India not individually but collectively define the state and are a measure of software outsourcing industry growth.  Some firms which are still stuck with the low cost value proposition need to realize that the market has evolved and clients are looking for value centric services. Majority of Indian software development service providers have braced up to the growing needs and demands of offshore clients and have transformed to fit into the evolved business model.

Evolved Software Development Outsourcing Business Model

Earlier companies across the globe turned to offshore service providers like India, for the low cost services. Also, the outsourcing patterns were project based. Business relationships were not evolved and were limited to a project or probably two. However, the scenario has changed. The focus of international clients no longer remains low cost, clients are now hiring firms after evaluating their infrastructural facilities, annual turnover, resources, skilled workforce etc. Clients might offer a single project at first, but the process is aimed at strategically building alliances and partnering with service providers for comprehensive software development needs.

Indian firms have the required resources; and there is no shortage of expert English speaking software professionals in India. They have the fastest means of communication and work in shifts to address the needs of clients at any given point of time. Hence the boundaries between continents are blurring and world is getting flatter. It is a mixed bag of goodies and Indian software design and development companies can make the most out of it by rising up to the expectations of international companies on a lookout for outsourcing services. Software development service provider can comply to the emerging requirements of clients proactively and lead the software outsourcing Industry towards growth.

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