5 Mistakes to Avoid and have that Amazing Website

5 Mistakes to Avoid and have that Amazing Website

Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: October 24th, 2014

Having a website has become a trend & prime necessity these days. This current inclination of having website has inadvertently laden the online space with numerous sites, creating a highly competitive scenario.

And therefore, just a website is not enough to get noticed; you need an exemplary website; with creative and eye-pleasing web graphic design and immaculate functionality.

In a bid to get an outstanding site, many designers make some stupid errors, which though seems small, can lead into some unaffordable consequences.

In this write-up, I will provide you with Five insightful descriptions of the common mistakes that designers make and must be avoided.


  1. Be Very Lucid

In this fiercely competitive environment; there are several hundreds of companies competing with each other to catch the potential client’s attention. And, so many designers end up creating something that is far more complicated.

They forget that one of the best ways to catch the attention is a clear and simple outline of the nature of your business and the solutions that you offer.

Such information should be very apparent; in fact, it would be like a cherry on the cake, if you successfully deliver this message on the very first page of the website.Don’t complicate the design or content for the sake of creativity.


  1. Use Colors Smartly

A very mistake that many fresh designers make is using bold and inconsistent color schemes. The current web designs have become all about a liberal use of innumerable colors and background patterns.

But, then it does not give one the liberty to apply different themes and colors on each page.

Be smart and pick up two or at the max three colors to evoke the mood of your business.


  1. Maintain Readability Of The Content

Fancy fonts have become a fad among the designers – They certainly look very attractive giving that distant appearance. However, this hampers the readability of the content; which works against you. Avoid illegible, small fonts or blinking text!

Make the user experience more enjoyable by making the site more readable.


  1. Excess Use of Images, Flash Based Graphics and Animations

Flash images, too heavy web graphic design, and animation do sound interesting and attractive. But the excessive use makes a website too heavy; and such sites take too long to load.

This will ultimately kill the traffic and lead the site will eventually lose all the limelight.


  1. Not Making The Web Design Responsive

You cannot ignore the mobile/hand held devices anymore. You have to design the site that is compatible with changing screen resolutions. So, if your website fails to adjust to all major screen resolutions, you have all the chances of losing out the potential visitors; as user experience has not been optimized.


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