Boost Holiday Season Sales with these 7 eCommerce Tips

Boost Holiday Season Sales with these 7 eCommerce Tips

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: November 19th, 2015 | Posted in: Web Design and Development Guide

Holiday season for year 2015 is round at the corner, and eCommerce businesses wanting to have their cash registers ringing are busy getting ready to attend holiday shoppers. The National Retail Association project online sale is estimated to increase by 7% to 10% this year. Ecommerce companies are hopeful of turning the tables with this “may be “biggest growth year since 2011.

But here I would say that success depends on a lot other things rather than only hope. From updating your website to optimizing order fulfillment to enhancing marketing plans, you are required to do a lot more if you are expecting that grand success during this holiday season. Together, let’s check out on those 7 steps that ensure you achieve your business goals this year.

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile eCommerce grew by 28 percent in 2014, and this is twice the 13 percent growth rate of desktop eCommerce. More than 50% of all online shopping takes place through smartphones and tablets, you are certainly loosing on a lot of business opportunities if your website is not mobile friendly. You still have some time to implement responsive design and to make your emails responsive.

Webpages that Load Quickly

Having a slow loading product page can be a nightmare during this busy holiday season. By having such a website, you are ensuring that your users abandon your site. 40% of visitors will leave if your webpage does not load within three seconds, and 79% of your customers won’t return if they’re unhappy with your site’s load time. eCommerce sites, of course provides ways and means to handle these challenges; where you can implement traffic management and optimization tools that alert you of any downtime or sluggish performance of your site.

Make it Personal

Personalize your content and online experience for each individual user according to their history of interests, behaviors and transactions, and see your transactions go a long way to increase your sales this holiday season. You have the option of putting your user data to work by identifying your high CLV – customer lifetime value customers, which will help you to segment your email list and send more targeted and personalized promotions.

Integrate Social Media

The most easiest and effective way to get your products in front of your customer’s followers on social media is to add social sharing buttons to your products. This allows you to make products shareable on sites including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. This certainly turns your satisfied customers into salespeople that their social circles – trust. So now engage prospects and customers on social media to promote your special offers for the holiday season.

Ways and means to simplify the checkout process

The cart abandonment rate is as enormous as 69 percent. I hope you would be certainly interested in knowing ways and means to avoid it this holiday season. For this you need to make the checkout process convenient, intuitive, brief, and secure. You can achieve this by letting your guest checkout without requirement of creating an account, displaying a progress bar, asking for essential personal information only, accepting multiple payment options, auto-filling fields as and when possible, and all this followed with adequate security badges.

Offer free shipping, the sure shot option

60 percent shoppers willingly add more products to qualify for free shipping

80 percent willing wait additional one or two days for delivery if shipping is free

70 percent need free returns shipping to complete the purchase

Last year the holiday season witnessed shipping to be the #1 reason for shopping cart abandonment. A recent survey by ComScore study, free shipping still is one of the prominent features that drive purchasing decisions on eCommerce sites.

Focus on content marketing

As an online retailer, hope you too are not ignoring the benefits of content marketing that includes attracting more qualified prospects and converting increased number of customers. You can also write and publish helpful list of tips, gift guides, and various other content to position your website as a reputable resource for holiday shopping and industry expertise. Along with building customer trust, regularly addition of high quality content to your site will certainly help you attract Google’s attention, increasing your visibility and authority.


Going mobile to getting social, this is the time to brace up your eCommerce business for the 2015 holiday season. This year promises to be a big one for holiday sales, as long as you invest the required time and resources required to delight your customers and have that competitive advantage. Follow above mentioned tips to ensure you are counting higher revenues by the time this holiday season ends – and not counting the mistakes you wish you would not have made.

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