How much does it Cost to Design and Develop a Website?

How much does it Cost to Design and Develop a Website?

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Starting a small business website or a big business website, both, require some amount of hard work into building it. But what differs here is the kind of work that goes into creating it and the level of complexity.

Often it is observed that development of big websites is a complex process and consumes more time, skills and resources than development of a small website.

Thus, before going ahead with the website development plans, learn each and everything about what all is going to be needed during the development phase.

Things you think will help you understand and comprehend the entire website making process with ease should be learnt first. You should also know how these things are going to come to your help while you brief the design of your website to a prospective web designer?

The scope of accommodating changes in the final product is most evident in website designing as compared to others.

What all decides the pricing of a website development? Or rather, on what all depends the costing of a website development, the most?

The answer to this is the cost structure depends upon the amount of time required to develop a website.

You should have all the knowledge beforehand to describe what all you need you’re your potential web designer so that he is able to give you the correct estimation of cost and time to create the website.

Gear up for some question-answer session as your web designer might direct few questions to you.


What aims and ambitions do you have for your website?

What is the nature of your business?

Who is your target?

What are your plans for diverting online traffic to your website?


How big is the website?

How many major sections are there in the website?

Each section will comprise of how many pages?


Have you thought of any officially designed logo for your website?

Do websites with similar desirable features already exist in market?


Do you know who is going to write content for your website?

Are there specific examples of how exactly your website content should look like?


Is there a need of online forms for your website?

Does any gallery for images exist?

Do you have any plan for incorporating newsletter signups?

Is e-commerce on your mind for your website?

Are there password-protected areas in your website?

Does your website need special functionalities?

Managing the Content

Are you planning to handle website content all by yourself?

Who will keep a tab on the updates?

Do you have a dedicated professional for working on updates?

Have you already decided the qualification/skill criteria?

In what way your answers affect the price of your website?


The larger the website, the more complex the planning phase turns out to be. Bigger the website more complicated the layouts and navigation. And what we
do to know if we are on the right path or not? We build sitemaps to confirm this.

Different options for different functionalities are discussed and the best functionality that suits all our needs and organization’s budget is chosen.

TIME: Hours to days

Web Development:

This fundamentally means conversion of graphics (designs) into HTML web pages. This gives the website pages their structures and provides layouts for various sections of the website.

Content Management:

Does your website contain a dedicated area for displaying content and where clients can modify, add, edit or change the content displayed?
This however, needs changes to be incorporated in the CMS. Thus how much customizing is required in your case is another question here.
Systems administering websites differ vastly in the ease of use and price.

TIME: Hours to days to weeks

Web Hosting:

Amount of space required and bandwidth needed; security concerns and reliability are some aspects that affect web hosting. It differs in price with change in the above stated.

Website Design:

How will the website look like? Its design along with components that comprise the website—all will be first designed in graphic program. Mockups will be provided later for the approval.

Other aspects such as styling, color selection and font choices all can be thought about later as this depends upon how complex the website design is.

Few web developers purchase templates beforehand and later use them to their convenience. They make use of different color themes to reduce time utilized in working on a customized design for a website. The method is in use as it minimizes the costs to fit into the tailor-made budget.

TIME: Days to weeks


Similar to the new age marketing mantra ‘Customer is the king’ is another mantra ruling the website development industry ‘Content is the king’. High cost of building a website is indicative of more content available within the web pages of a website. Quality of the content matters, but what matters more is the existence of number of different templates. To make the content look impressive, website designer builds number of layouts and this number affects the overall time.

TIME: Hours to days

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