Design a Website with these 3, Common but Effective Tips

Design a Website with these 3, Common but Effective Tips

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: April 27th, 2015 | Posted in: Web Design and Development Guide

Businesses and organizations have started allocating budgets especially for web design and developmenttasks. Expectations here, from developers and designers is to come up with exclusive and explicit results in form of ultimate traffic and potential customers. Designers and developers are supposed to make efforts to include the finest themes – color combinations – sliders – banners and many more. However; we have here top three features that they need to refer:


Unambiguous About Products and Services Offered:

Being a business owner you should be well aware of the needs – requirements and expectations of your customers or the targeted audience. Ensure that your designer or developer includes the direct links for these specific functions. In the process of web development, enhanced focus on main module is always beneficial. Purpose of a website, especially from client side has to be clear, is to apply creativity to seize attention of more and more targeted business pages. A link that takes the users to a page that they are expecting from your website must be conveniently accessible. One more thing to keep in mind is that visitors feel good and find you reliable if they get what they want or are expecting with bare minimum clicks – as they feel as a service or product provider you know what your customers need.

Thorough and Clear Answer to Queries and Questions Raised by Visitors:

Your visitors, your prospect customers are the ones who could have a laundry list of queries and questions. They are the ones who would not want to interact with you over telephone – and instead would expect online answer to their questions. Also as a proactive measure – ensure you are answering their questions or queries, you think may rise, in the content pages that you are putting on your website.  This in turn will reduce the workload on the support teams as impatient website visitors will get clarification to their doubts – instantaneously. You too would agree to the fact that websites that adhere to appropriate and adequate technology updates supposedly leave a good and long lasting impression to their visitors. It builds a brand image for that particular domain as well.

User Interface and User Experience that is Mobile Friendly:

Mandatory requirement for all business websites nowadays, as a matter of fact any website, is to be responsive – mobile friendly has to be the biggest and prime concern for business owners and website developers. Now that even GOOGLE has made it clear and mandatory for all the websites to be mobile responsive – it becomes more than important than ever. Very common fact remains that the count of people who search for local business on web through their mobiles is increasing undoubtedly. They are more interested in knowing the brand before actually using the service or product and even before they visit that particular location. Designers with experience in creating mobile friendly sites will have added advantage. People who are thinking of redesigning their existing websites – with high domain authority also need to think on these lines to create or convert their website to a mobile and user friendly website – as that is the future of websites for businesses across.

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