How being into Dramatics helped to become a good Web designer

How being into Dramatics helped to become a good Web designer

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: March 24th, 2015 | Posted in: Web Design and Development Guide

The title does sound a little bit offbeat or should I say out of place! – I mean, how one can draw a parallel between two completely different things like web design development services and Dramatics! And here I am drawing it – Well, I haven’t lost my mind!

I have actually learnt few unforgettable lessons during my stint with dramatics that also helped me to improve my skills as web designer! Sounds outright rubbish – But, believe me, it is not. Remember one thing that both of these are forms of art – A medium to express your creativity! And so, having one or the other thing in common is absolutely normal. Okay, let me elaborate to prove my point!


You learn to communicate well!

Yes, communication is important whether you are performing on stage or building a website for a client. Being on stage taught me that you need to speak – Speak eloquently, be very clear or else the audience will not be able to relate to you or simply not feel connected. The same, my friends, is applicable to the field of web development – You have a client (various stakeholders for that matter) with whom you need to talk and articulate everything elaborately to understand they want – in short, you have to connect with the clients to create something that satisfies them.

Other thing, while you are working in a drama, you also have to build a rapport with the fellow artists, so that the play is flawless and well-coordinated. Similarly, to create an outstanding website, having a smooth communication channel between the team members and coordinate everything. Role Play teaches you that!

You learn to fit yourself in a particular role

When on stage, you can get a different role every time! – You are playing a lovelorn teenager in one play and in other one you have to play role of a 60 year old man. What you do to fit in different shoes – Change your appearance and your acting techniques. Now, on similar lines, every client that approaches you with a web development project will have their own demands. Some would want to have parallax design and some might just want a flat one.

Well, my drama stint taught me that you have to customize yourself (or your techniques) to fit in every role. Following the same path for each project will take you nowhere!

Practice makes a man perfect!

Dramatics is a long process – It is not spontaneous – First the story is written, cast is finalized and then important part becomes – A lot of practice and rehearsals. Rehearsals help you to excel the particular role assigned to you! It makes you perfect.  Similarly, you constantly have to practice and excel in a particular responsibility assigned when you are developing a site. See, told you it is no different from dramatics; both requires dedicated rehearsals or practice to attain that level of perfection.

Taught me to become a Team Player

Now, I must say that this is one of the best lessons, I have learnt from whatever little time I spend on stage. As mentioned earlier, a play is not a one-man act – There are different actors, directors, writers, etc. who work together as a TEAM to make a successful play! You have to deal with all them and get along well – You got to be a wolf that lives for the pack!  Similarly, alone you cannot create a website – You need a number of people; right from business analysts, designers to coders and quality analysts. You work as a team and individual to deliver excellent results.

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