How to select Website Design & Development Plan?

How to select Website Design & Development Plan?

Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: July 8th, 2013

When you go for hiring an agency offering services in website design, you are provided multiple website design plans. Thus, arises a dilemma— which one plan to choose among all?

Below are some considerations that need to be kept in mind:

If you have a static website, always use basic and primary website design and development plan.

If you want to add a few extra functionalities in your website, don’t change your entire plan straight away. Use the additional add-ons while implementing the same plan and pay extra for the add-ons to the agency.

If your plan is to go for a high-end ecommerce website or a huge web portal, then always opt for the last level plan.

If you hail from a non-IT background, try to include web hosting in every plan of yours, if possible.

Always compare different web plans based on your project’s requirements and monetary budget.

Check if you are getting any free add-on with your website plan. For instance basic SEO, testing or web optimization.

Check if the web design and development agency you have hired is charging you page wise?

Never miss out on asking your consultancy if any customized web plan available or included in your web design and development project?

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