How to Select Website Design?

How to Select Website Design?

Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: July 8th, 2013





Website design is a front-end task. Front-end services are representative of the concerned business you are into. You should thus be extremely careful while designing for your website. While designing keep the following in mind:

Use Creativity as Your Tool to Design: When you sit down for designing don’t just start designing according to the application. First think what you as a designer wish to design for a particular application? What will suit the application? And for what you want to design the application? Answers to these questions will help you choose and design better.

Keep in Mind Your Competitors’ Designs: It is not unethical or illegal, for few might think so, to check and understand how everyone else is doing the same job. Checking out competitor’s website for design is not immoral or wrong. This will give you several ideas of how your web design can be different from other websites designs or how can you go about designing your web pages distinctively from others? What color-combinations would you use for your website? What type of content you would demand from your content writers?

Theme & Design: Before you select the theme for your website, look around and observe. See what can suit your website and don’t just randomly choose a theme. Whatever you choose has to be convincing enough. You should select your theme based on your website subject and content.

All-Browser Compatibility Check: Your website should be built such that it runs in all browsers including Firefox, safari, Google Chrome, and internet explorer.

Use of Content, Images & Video: Images, content and video of the website– all should be your website’s crowd pullers. The quality of the content should be maintained throughout the web pages of the website. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ holds true for designing and developing of web pages too.

Apt Use of CSS: Cascading Style Sheet is one of the key features of any website design and development process. Do a bit of smart work; select a better website design using the above points and CSS can be used as reusable content.

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