Magento Theme Development; Create Wonders for e-Commerce Stores

Magento Theme Development; Create Wonders for e-Commerce Stores

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: August 3rd, 2015 | Posted in: Web Design and Development Guide

Magento; the open source system is quite popular a catch; in fact it is the number one choice among countless business owners across the globe for developing a successful internet store or a so called e-Commerce store. E-commerce development systems that are created using Magento are mostly based on Zend Framework and functions on PHP and MySQL.

Virtual merchant can conveniently modify the content and also can embed various multimedia attributes within the store even if he is completely a non-techie. Magento is one such system that meets all business requirements, irrespective the size of a business. One could build a totally customized online e-Commerce store with help of Magento. They have the option to choose either a style from the Magento Templates available or can hire Magento theme development company to create a custom Magento theme that fits well with the style and subject of your virtual shop.


Magento is well equipped with a vast directory site of expansions that can enhance your e-Commerce store by providing immense features. Right here, in this write-up we have listed the leading 5 expansions through which the feature list of a Magento eCommerce store could be taken few notches up:

Fishpig’s WordPress Integration allows you to include and even utilize the power of world’s most popular blogging tool; WordPress for your online store.

AvaTax definitely brings down challenges, involving sales tax payments based on the new tax laws in the US.

Sweet Tooth improves the sales by attracting consumers. Sweet Tooth allows you to reward the clients with points for disclosing their consistency in purchasing from the store; this can be further utilized to earn price cuts or provide refund on certain products.

Magento Debug basically helps in resolving the debugging challenges to ensure effective and smooth performance of your Magento e-Commerce store.

Fooman Speedster, the extension utilizes the Minify collection to cache, incorporate and also push the JavaScript Files as well as CSS for enhanced performance.

Magento is a robust tool considering its MVC style. You don’t have to worry about the website creation – especially when the Website traffic is more than normal, since Magneto migration service effectively takes care of it, while smooth website loading comes in as a bonus.

With support from upgraded Magento versions, company owners can conveniently manage their online Magento stores with various features such as Magento e-Commerce store administration with a single admin panel, excellent features for inventory and order administration, invoicing, payment as well as delivery, multipurpose tax obligation framework in accordance to different countries, report generation, et.

To make sure that you reap more benefits of Magento support & maintenance; and to avoid face to face technical issues in operating your online e-Commerce store; get help from a professional Magento developer. Magento, a widely picked up platform for development of an e-Commerce store, has several attributes which are highly user-friendly. And since, there are many companies in the market offering excellent Magento services; find one is a fairly easy task.

Magento theme development has multitude of advantages, and it is a wise move to avail all the benefits.

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