Responsive Site Design – 4 Tips to Create an Exemplary Site…!!!

Responsive Site Design – 4 Tips to Create an Exemplary Site…!!!

Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: February 12th, 2015 | Posted in: Web Design and Development Guide

What once appeared to be a far-fetched imagination of a sci-fi writer has now translated into reality! Take phones – they are a classic example of technology which has gone beyond our comprehensions. It has evolved dramatically to become “Smartphones”. You can perform a multitude of activities, apart from talking to your loved ones; you also can watch videos, listen to your favorite music tracks and even surf internet. You are empowered to get a minute-to-minute update of what’s happening in the world; thanks to the Smart technology that has brought the entire world into your palm!


This rise in the mobile device and wearable technology has also given rise to a whole new concept and field of responsive website design.

Responsive sites provide seamlessly offer intuitive user experience across all the devices; the site adjusts automatically to varying screen resolutions.  In fact, these smart devices are constantly get upgraded which clearly means that responsive designs are still to stay for very long!!

Since, this trend is going to continue; here are some tips to design a responsive site that increases sales, enhances UI/ & U/X:

Keep ‘Mobile’ in your mind

While designing a web site; designers usually keep screen resolutions of a desktop or laptop. However, the best to create an all-inclusive web page that gives an extraordinary result on all devices (even mobile phones comes in varying sizes). It is estimated that on an average 1 in every 7 person use their mobile devices (even tablets) to access internet to make purchases and check out on products and rates. Therefore, focusing more on how users will interact with your website over their mobile phones first will help you to deliver an unmatched user experience and bringing down the bounce rates.

Know the Media Queries thoroughly

Media queries are a crucial feature in CSS3 that allows the content to react to differing size of various devices. It checks upon the device’s resolution, height, width as well as orientation. It utilizes this information to decide the CSS rules which needs to be applied. Therefore, know the in and out about the media queries, to make the site impeccably good and more responsive.

Know What Mobile Means for Users

People deal with websites differently when they are using a smartphone as compared to desktops and laptops. Use analytics to understand what makes a user visit the website from their phone. They might just want to get some quick tit-bits using the search bar or they might want to gather some information by reading content. If any of the reasons are common among your users, then work accordingly and concentrate on making that particular function more smooth and visible.

Source Order

HTML source order is critical to keep in mind as it usually affects the design when it gets converted to a different width. Like if at a desktop viewport width; the sidebar column with a search field element may appear below the main content. However; on a smaller device it would give a very un-aesthetic look to the site. There are different ways around this where you can use JavaScript, however, it’s always wonderful to make the source order work whenever possible and start to think of various ways in which code structure helps in designing a responsive site.

Responsive websites are one of the sure-shot ways through which you can bring down the bounce rate as well as provide an unmatched user experience which certainly will take you increased sales.

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