Top 5 CMS Features Must Have for Modern Business

Top 5 CMS Features Must Have for Modern Business







Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: November 11th, 2014

Content management system, popularly known as and, abbreviated as CMS is indispensable for modern businesses. It allows modern businesses, to effectively manage workflows in a collaborative environment. There are lot many CMS software available however, it is the best for modern businesses to get their content management systems customized, and tailored to suit their needs.

The Top 5 Priority Features a Modern Business Should Look for in CMS Software Include:

  1. CMS Should Be Secure:

One of the most important features of a modern CMS is that it should be secure. It is very commonplace with open source software especially so when we are referring to CMS; that, if the software developer does not enforce proper quality control measures, it might lead to lack of security and keeping content confidential becomes difficult. Businesses should always order a security audit before implementing CMS.

  1. CMS Should Be Customizable:

As discussed before, a modern content management system should have scope for customization. It should be modifiable to suit the precise requirements and the evolving needs of your business. It should also allow full control to activate, hide and deactivate features as required.

  1. CMS Should Provide Complete Control Over Content:

This is the most important feature of any modern CMS.  Modern CMS should provide the user with complete control over content. Some features of a modern content management system include quick and effortless editing and publishing of content.

Additionally it should also allow editing and modification of meta-tags and descriptions. Ability to edit the URL structure from a garbled structure into a clean searchable URL, is also a must have feature that can boost your SEO activities.

  1. CMS Should Be Open Source:

Open source software allows great scope for reviving the CMS to always keep it fresh and updated according to the evolving needs of businesses. Besides, a community driven and a user driven development certainly has a far more defining impact on a modern CMS development. The basic essence of evolution and development is not served in a closed source application.

  1. CMS Should Be Modular:

Last but not the least, modularity is a significant feature your CMS should have. Modularity enables change management. Additionally, the development and updating of a modular core, is easy and cost effective. If the architecture of your CMS is modular, then the core feature and the components are separated in the code. As a result, support for dedicated and third party applications and plug-ins is possible.

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