Top 5 Web Development Trends to Watch Out for 2013

Top 5 Web Development Trends to Watch Out for 2013

Posted by: Rahul Vyas | Posted on: May 28th, 2013

As we have arrived in 2013 the trends to watch out will poise great details to focus upon for design & development in web segment.

The aggressive chatter is turned on in the Website development market where all environments demand responsive design. Will this year trigger the responsive design to be a standard in development? May be yes, this is due to its support, compatibility & teaming up qualities to any size of screen. We all understand that variants with different size, display & capabilities move in every now & then and people use it certainly for their web needs.

Next alive thing can be big screen internet browsing & access to websites through giant TVs. Apple may or may not launch its advanced big size TV this year put now it will be highly in trend for a corporate room or a conference zone to turn into a PC for web browsing. Thus next move for website development should focus on these facets and lead towards modern standards to get fit in giant formats.

Not to miss the high-end cars with digital dashboards incorporating devices with Windows 8 or Android or Apple connectivity. It is likely & also uttered in news that many automobiles may focus on latest devices in their cars so users can suffice their needs, use apps & socialize even while they travel. So web development and solutions are likely to adapt new development techniques & tricks to get advanced for these usages too.

If you are not familiar to Retina display may be you are kidding. It is the iPhone generator’s modern display that roars up than usual displays and offers exceedingly high pixel density. Last year, it was a high concern for many developers where websites heavily loaded with pictures and images appeared blurry on retina displays. Next deal will put a fix and now the web development may jump into the retina-friendly creations where the pixel issues & blurry images would be solved.

Also the year 2013 may fast up the speed of specialized web development & website development for tablets, seeing the rapid switchover from PCs to modern tablets.


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