Crispy Codes offers handy CRM software for small businesses that support uncomplicated, seamless and smooth interaction and transactions with customers. Our designs enable your business to easily get all the changes and tweaks in accordance to your customer’s expectations and continuously changing client-needs.

Our customer relationship management systems aim at engaging clients with a positive user experience by quickly resolving issues with real-time customer support using modern technology. Our CRM consultants are highly proficient in providing handy customer relationship management solutions.

Crispy Code is the Preferred Place to:

Build appealing and functional CRM models and features that maximize gains for your business.

Get CRM solutions, features, modules, integration, re-engineering and bespoke add-ons development services.

CRM for Improved Decision Making

Detailed customer information and folders

Automated segmentation

Implementation of proven factors as per market trends

Costing and resource & tools allocation as per relevance

High-standard OLAP practices utilization

Unique dashboards and scorecards

Planning & project management tools

Brilliant open workspace for tasking, tracking & modifications

You get full hold of your entire customer-based environment where you can know them deeply, eliminate earlier issues and problems (if any), implement changes for being more competitive, highlight sectors to focus upon and take fast intelligent decisions.

CRM Development for Sales & Marketing

Leads, defined areas and opportunities management system

Automated products or services management

Advertising, marketing and campaign management, acquired gains & deep analysis

Efficient sales admin, projects & contract handling, pipeline management

United work zones

Information storage and management

Remote and mobile OS compatibility to CRM system

CRM for Customers

Seamless systems for inquiries, feedback, request, urgencies, alerts, updates etc

Automation of all systems with advanced features

Helpdesk and immediate responding systems

Communication portal

Integration with systems and apps

Consult a CRM expert today to get customized CRM solutions within your means.


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