Finance your passion

It is very normal when we are young, to dream of things that we want to be and do when we grow up. Most young children and teens dream of becoming a sportsperson or act in movies or some such dream. It is only rarely that someone dreams of working in an office or doing something monotonously for years to come. Initially, there is a lot of encouragement from parents, teachers,and everyone around. As the children grow there is the pressure of studies which starts to get more and more intense. Apart from the exceptionally talented children the rest slowly fall back into the usual studies routine.

The biggest fear which plays on parents’ mind is financial security. As it is the career of a sportsperson is limited to a few active years. If you make it to the top of any field, it is great and most of the top sportspeople are able to get good financial deals which can sustain them even after their sporting careers are over. The problem is the ratio of successful sportspersons to unsuccessful sportspersons. It is a very steep pyramid and only a few get to climb the peak.  The ones who reach the top are the ones that become the role models for the next generation of players. People don’t come to know about the many players who could not reach the top.

When young children are playing any sport it is mostly for fun and exercise. We soon realize that it takes a combination of talent, hard work, money, dedication and passion. Even after all this, there is no surety of success. It takes a kind of fearlessness which helps you achieve your goals. Some parents are financially solid and can provide a lot of support financially. This is a big help especially in sports which require costly equipment and training. Very often we come across people who were good at a certain sport but had to leave it because of financial problems. Some are unlucky and get injured and are not able to pursue their dreams.

One thing which can help young people is to find alternate sources of income. This can help them to continue playing and trying to reach their goals without worrying about finances. Online trading is a very lucrative possibility. A lot of people have already made a lot of money on sites like Bitcoin Loophole. It does not require you to be continuously present and you can give time to your passion. This online trading platform is fully automated and you just need to monitor it. It allows you complete freedom to use it the way you want to. So continue to follow your passion without worrying about money.

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